Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Thought for the Day - Talk More About What You Want

 If you really want something do this - talk more about it. To anyone who cares to listen or not.

What I realised is that most people (like me) do not talk about what they do.In fact they keep it close to their chest and struggle with it. I do that. I rarely talk about my work, my books, my themes. Maybe I grew up thinking modesty is a virtue.

But then, its not about modesty. Its about my work, something I am passionate about.

By not talking about it what I am doing is not giving it any attention. 

1) So using the law of attraction - pay attention to it so it grows. 

2) Secondly, and more importantly. I show pride and confidence in my work. 

3) Thirdly and even more importantly, when I talk about my work I get a lot of clarity about it. Many times I find answers that have been eluding me. I can see things I haven't seen before.

Try it. Go ahead and start talking about your work. 

(I must also share that I did get inspired by several of my friends and associates who talk a lot about their work and guess what, I found they are all successful at their work. Unlike the modest people who don't.) 

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