Sunday, August 8, 2021

The Slow Down Diet - Marc David

The book comes with a by line that says 'Eating for Pleasure, Energy and Weight Loss'. Written by Marc David a nutritional expert and founder of the Institute for the Psychology of Eating, the book advocates what we know well deep inside - that our weight and energy come from deeper issues than merely food and exercise. Marc's book gives a 8-week program to health or good metabolism. In a nut shell - it addresses the metabolic power of Relaxation, Quality, Awareness, Rhythm, Pleasure, Thought, Story and Sacred.

Week 1- The Metabolic Power of Relaxation

We mostly hurry through our eating which is terrible for our metabolism. Stress slows down digestion. Eat consciously and slowly to get more metabolic energy. Conscious breathing dissipates stress response and promotes digestion. Oxygen is fundamental to the burning process, our metabolism. If we breathe more, we burn better. 

Breathing deep, sitting with the spine erect, focusing on the food and taking more time to eat achieves much more for your metabolism than by 1) eating less or exercising more 2) exercising will power 3) eating right foods and right amounts and 4) a belief that experts are always right. Marc says that our expert lives within us - our own Enteric Nervous System which guides us if we listen to it.

Learn how to eat. Breathing is fat burning. Breathe deeply, rhythmically. Include more time for meals.

Week 2 - The Metabolic Power of Quality

Whatever you eat, eat quality food. Less quality of the food, the more you eat, simply because it does not give you enough nutrition. Food is energy and information. It may be more expensive, but it cuts out other avoidable costs related to health.

Replace stuff in your kitchen asap.

Week 3 - The Metabolic Power of Awareness

This is about the power of CPDR or the Cephalatic Phase Insulin Response and the ENS, or the Enteric Nervous System, also called the brain of the belly which holds vast amounts of wisdom about nutrition and the metabolic needs. We can access ENS through mind-body awareness to determine the right food to eat. If we eat with full awareness, we will be satisfied. 

There is a reason why our gut brain has 100 million neurons more than the nerve cells in the spinal cord.

Week 4 - The Metabolic Power of Rhythm

Master rhythm and you master metabolism says Marc. Hot rhythms are about following the sun's rhythms. Eat when the sun is up which is when our body temperature is at its highest, by noon. Digestion is highest at lunch and then we fall into a sleepy mood between 2 and 5 in the afternoon. A 15-20 minute rest is advised for renewing energy then. As with everything else, timing is everything for high metablosim.

Align with the rhythms of life and bring metabolism into full focus. Skipping breakfast and lunch can slow down metabolism just as eating irregularly makes it out of sync. Excessive consumption of carbs can see a rhythmic meltdown.

Week 5 - The Metabolic Power of Pleasure 

Pleasurable experiences enhance nutrient absorption. Pleasure increases relaxation response and fuels full digestion.We eat more when we are stressed. Eat what gives you pleasure, in modest amounts. Create the right ambiance, the mood, lighting and enhance the experience. How we experience pleasure with food is how we experience life.

Week 6 - The Metabolic  Power of Thought

What we think becomes physiological. Marc says thinking is a nutritional choice. If we have negative thoughts about food, it inhibits our digestion. Positive thoughts on the other hand enhances digestion. the placebo effect is proof of the power of thought. The Source of our motivation influences our metabolsim.

Week 7 - The Metabolic Power of Story

Our inner story holds the keys to unlocking our metabolic force. By rewriting our story, we can transform our health. Each time we eat, a specific character sits down at the head of our inner table. Choose who sits at your inner table.

Whatever benefits you experience at the end, create and experience at the beginning. It will change things, your story.

Week 8 - The Metabolic Power of the Sacred

Make the metabolic process sacred- make a ritual of your food - cooking, drinking tea, offering food, consuming medicines, beauty processes. When we do things with love, truth, courage, commitment, compassion, forgiveness and faith we add the power of prayer and love to our choices. We can bless or curse, so choose to treat the body and food as sacred.    

It makes so much sense. I have started following quite a few of the tips Marc has provided. Mainly to slow down while eating, sitting right, breathing right, relaxing.  Makes immense sense.


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