Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Anjali - Sona Recovers Fully

 And finally the day came for Sona's bandage to come off and we were all glad to see that it was perfectly fine. It had made a full recovery and jumped around madly without the bandage restraining it.

In this time that it was hurt Anjali fully took her in and cared for it. Giving it medicines, food, cleaning up after it, taking it to the vet, picking off its ticks - she's a natural with dogs (and cats). Sona grew healthy in this period. She got comfortable inside the house and adopted certain places to lie down - couple of nooks in the hall, under the bed in the hall, the bean bag, the beds and sofas. In Anjali's room she is the queen - always on Anjali's bed - sleeping with her. She lies down while Anjali does her online school, an eye cocked for intruders like us. And more than once, she barked at me for daring to look into the room.

The big question now - what do we do with it and its sister Zor who is still hanging outside with her mother Akela. Anjali wanted to keep Sona and we all had a conversation about the practical issues. She listened. A call to be taken this week.

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