Monday, August 23, 2021

eCanteen Fundas - How a Common Purpose Unites Teams

 First step in team building - get a common purpose!

E-Canteen Fundas: Determine your team’s purpose to watch it win

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Our basketball team can do so much better,’ said Rahul. ‘But we’re not able to play to our potential.’

‘Happens everywhere,’ said Rinku. ‘We’ve got great individual players but fail as a team. Wonder why.’

‘That’s because we behave like a group of individuals, not like a team,’ said Rakesh. ‘Be it with family, friends, college or society, it’s the same. Real teams work together to achieve a common purpose that helps the team and the individuals grow. Real teams achieve much more than the sum of their parts. And as the team achieves its potential, individuals perform to their potential as well.’

‘How can I get our team going in the next game?’ asked Rahul.

‘Just like you get an army marching forward in sync,’ smiled Rakesh. ‘Get them to work for a common purpose. An army’s purpose is to win the war. Your basketball team’s purpose is to win the tournament. An organisation’s or a relationship’s purpose is to grow to its fullest potential. When our team knows and works towards the common purpose, we achieve miracles.’

‘How do we set a common purpose?’ asked Rinku.

‘In any team, a good purpose to start with is to help the team grow to its fullest potential,’ said Rakesh. ‘Within that, you can set more specific purposes. Ideally, the leaders spell out the team’s common purpose with the team’s involvement. But if not, any member, even you, can articulate it, as someone who’s interested in the team’s growth.’

‘That’s it, bhaiyya?’ asked Rahul.

‘That’s only half the job,’ said Rakesh. ‘The important part is getting every single member of the team to know and state the common purpose of the team. Can your team members state the common purpose of your team if you ask them now?’

‘No, bhaiyya,’ said Rahul.

‘Happens with most teams,’ said Rakesh. ‘Most of us assume that the others know the team’s purpose, which is why we end up moving in different directions and towards different goals. So Rahul, start your team-building exercise by making sure your team’s common purpose is clearly articulated and understood and everyone’s saying the same thing — we’re playing to win
the tournament. It focuses all your energy, all your effort.’

‘And make everything else subservient to the team’s purpose,’ said Rinku, ‘As working for the team’s common purpose helps individual members achieve their potential too. It’s a win-win.’

‘Thanks, bhaiyya,’ said Rahul. ‘I’ll set a common purpose for all my teams — family, friends and college — and make them more purposeful and growth-oriented.’

Pro Tip: To get the best out of all your teams and relationships, set a common purpose of growth and watch how it helps you, your team and your relationships grow

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