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Sensitive is the New Strong - Anita Moorjani

Anita Moorjani, the bestselling author of 'Dying to be Me' and someone who has made her Near Death Experience  (NDE) an experience to change the world now writes about the world of the empaths, the ones who feel excessively for others at great cost to themselves. But she says that when we understand how empaths work we can actually bring all their wonderful qualities to work and make empathetic leaders who can make this world a better place. That's why 'Sensitive is the New Strong'.

Let's look at what empaths are like. They often make themselves invisible, absorb everyone else's energy, have this sixth sense of knowing when others are in distress. Empaths can make a huge difference if they are empowered, stay connected to their centre, allow themselves to inspire others and mainly protect themselves. Anita differentiates between being sensitive and being an empath - empaths feel and absorb others energies, become people pleasers who are continuously rescuing and helping people, who make others needs more important that their own to the point of exhaustion. They are what she calls six sensory people in a five sensory world. 

Anita gives a quiz of about 34 questions - on the scale of an empath. I scored between 20-28 which is second highest (need protection from others energies). Now the question is - is it good or bad? Empaths being sensitive people are highly averse to criticism, are addicted to approval, have negative thoughts and get physical reactions and behave like doormats. They do not like crowded paces, loud noises, are non-confrontationist. Anita urges empaths to claim back their power without losing their empathy - focus on your inner guidance she says, say no without feeling guilty, stop feeling like a victim and claim control over your life. To make friends with conflict instead of avoiding it.

If you block your sensitivity you block whats coming in from the other realm. Tune in, turn inward, realise the gift you have for caring she says. To improve our relationship with ourselves Anita suggest we tune in and find inner guidance from the inner mystic. You feel more guided, get insights, moments of rare clarity if we get in touch through meditation, or just keeping calm and focusing on our breath. Anita says the inner world is real so be present for guidance. Clear your emotional baggage - forgiving, gratitude, anything that elicits a feeling of lightness, relief or liberation.

Our natural state if one of freedom and liberation. Anita's own motto is to live fearlessly. To strengthen energies she says we must protect our aura, run our energies, find inaction in action and believe that gentleness will overpower strength.

An interesting observation which I read recently in another book is that the ego is good because it gives us a sense of self-worth and self-esteem. Value your ego because self-care is important. Don't feel disempowered because no one has more authority on your life than you.

A lovely line -being passive is when others decide for you, being aggressive is when you decide for others and assertive is when you decide for yourself.

Anita says when our ego is low, our ability to receive goes down so dial it up and when we can give, our common awareness is dialled up. This can show up in our financial position in many ways. We cannot talk about ourselves, cant say no, feel undeserving, shy away form leadership. To counter all this develop a healthy ego. Embrace the many unique and individual traits (don't second guess and give your power away). Follow your own heart. Be compassionate without feeling guilty or sorry.

Anita urges us to be in connect with our inner mystic. To be centred all we need to do is to do nothing but focus on our breath for 10-15 minutes. do nothing. get guidance. Trust your intuition. Whether its a personal dilemma or a health issue - quiet your mind, breathe and turn inward. Focus on wellness, not the illness. 

To protect yourself and to love yourself, engage with those who are loving and appreciative towards you. Self-care is important because when our life energies are high we can lift others. we laugh more, we feel lighter. Don't take on the problems of others - its not our responsibility. Thrive, so you can help.

The 4 Keys to Healing are

1) Ask, what I can say no to

2) Learn to open your receiving channels

3) Get excited about life

4) How can I support my body

Optimise your life energy.

In our relation to the world we go through two stages 1) become aware you're an empath and 2) relate to the world and interpret the daily life around us. Since we live in a world that may not understand us focus on self-love, connect to your inner mystic, listen to you intuition, keep life energy high.

For better health feel higher states of energy. Understand you are not your body, race, image, culture or gender. Don't be fear-based, be love-based. Spend time alone talking to yourself, listen to messages that make you feel cared for, positive and loved. following higher voice makes you feel loved, recharges your batteries (where fear drains you, criticism causes guilt and anger). 

Open to abundance without guilt. Empaths are in tune with the rhythm of the universe and are in best position to channel money and power. But if we are in survival mode we don't have the resources to create solutions (center yourself, breathe, connect to the web of consciousness, see things differently, spark creativity). Live fearlessly.

Once you let go of the fear of judgment by others things change. 'When you charge what you deserve, you attract people who are happy to pay for your services, people you enjoy working with.'

To get money flowing - money is a sign that you're on the right path.

1) Recognise you are an empath, stop feeling guilty
2) Get clarity around life purpose (who am I? whats my life purpose?)
3) Open channels - you're worthy and deserving to be rewarded for following your purpose. Love all of yourself. Abundance can be had simply by receiving what has been given. Gratitude for what we have.
4) Be aware of your gift, you are a channel for money flow
5) Take focus of money and follow your purpose. Do things that make you feel joyful, learn to receive
6) Allow yourself to enjoy receiving the money - be grateful
7) Put money for your self-care, pleasure. Spend without guilt.
8) Love your business.

Empaths are best to be in positions of leadership. Share opinions, contribute from a place of love, pay attention to where you're putting your money. Make money a priority.

Resentment and depletion is not good. Have more alone time, You attract narcissists because they are the perfect match for empaths. Start saying No. Trying to avoid conflict leads to more conflict. Say No to unhealthy relationships. To be happy - feel acceptance and awareness, choose the better option when in a dilemma, be the observer, develop a gentle language to say no, learn to receive, journal, love yourself.

live fearlessly. Don't suppress your thoughts. We don't attract by our thoughts but by who we are. When you love and  value yourself you don't have to watch your thoughts. Be Who you are.

Anita makes a strong case for the super sensitive, the empaths and shows how by protecting themselves, empaths can make a huge change in the world. It's a nice and empowering read.                          

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