Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Expand Your Money Consciousness - A Lovely Online Workshop by Shobha Nargundkar

 I attended this online workshop by Shobhs called 'Expand Your Money Consciousness' last week and it was great fun and learning as we all shared our money stories and experiences over a month. Some major takeaways for me were.

1. Where is your money going is how your money consciousness is - very little on myself. Apart from that some of the other insights that I remember are

2. It’s about the flow - receiving, holding and spending 

3. Money is the power to kill an ant - we don’t have to do anything with it how much ever we get, just let it be without any pressure and use it when the ant bites

4. Spend on your self first - watch where your money is going

5. Watch how you are spending - the feeling

6. You must have it within you, not see it as separate to have it..

7. You don’t need anything else to receive 10x or 100x - just have to reorganize what we already have

8. If you don’t use it, if you deny yourself, it will find ways to go away where it’s needed

9. Maintain a good relationship with it.. like we do in any fun, growing relationship

10. Don’t have judgments about where, how, who, why etc…allow it to come with gratitude

11. You are bigger than money, you are the source and can create as much as you want…own that power

12. Giving attention to where it’s going gives a clue

13. The more adventurous you are, the more you attract so push boundaries little by little

14. Carry enough in your wallet to always feel rich

15. Watch words, phrases, actions….use them to empower, don't use them to negate .

These are what I remember .. and maybe some more. You ask can add your insights and practices too so it’s all there.

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