Friday, May 3, 2019

Daddy Long-Legs - Jean Brewster

Jerusha Abbot has no family and grows up in the John Grier Home. at 18, she may need to go from the Home and find a life of her own which she is dreading. But life changes when one of the trustees of the Home offers her sponsorship for a college education to major in English and become a writer. The only condition - that she must write to her anonymous sponsor every week and update him of her progress, even though she would never receive a letter back.

Since she does not know who the trustee is and all she remembers is a shadow of long-legs on the wall, she starts calling him Daddy Long-Legs and writes letters to him. Funny, sad, philosophical, angry, honest, her letters are embellished with drawings as she opens her heart out to him. She meets boys, makes new friends, visits foreign lands and in the end gets a chance to meet Daddy Long-Legs!

It's Jean Websters best-known work and has been made into TV shows, movies, plays etc. To sustain the narrative through a series of one-sided letters is brilliant.

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