Friday, May 17, 2019

Anjali - What Vacations Look Like

Anjali's vacations started with a trip to Waffles where we both ordered our regulars. Anjali liked hers apparently.

Some fun and play in Hyderabad before we headed off to Pune to stay with her grandmother. Playing cards is something they both like.

Hard at work on Harry Potter

Chicken sandwiches at Marz O Rin
Ice cream joint at Kothrud

Book reading at Kitab Khana
Back at Cafe Mondegar after years - just as good
At Kalaghoda on way to Jehangir Art Gallery
In the mood to fly off - back in Pune

Checking for the Potter movies
Helping Ajji in the kitchen

Breakfast at Good Luck with Kalpak
Books read

Checking out more books with cousin Saie
Watching Bishu and his Amigo

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