Saturday, May 4, 2019

My Musical Notes - Bryan Adams 'Reckless'

Back in 1985, I ran into my friend from Junior College, Naresh Raghavan. Naresh and I were music buddies. In our Intermediate years I visited his palatial house in Padma Rao Nagar and we listened to 'Beat It' by Michael Jackson on his stereo. He also introduced me to 'Eye of the Tiger' and 'I Just Died in Your Arms Tonight' among many others.

Anyway, after I met him, he showed me this video of this song 'Run to You' by Bryan Adams and told me how he loved the way Bryan Adams pulls the guitar from the sand and plays on it. The song was lovely. I made a trip to Sangeet Sagar and got myself my own cassette. 'Reckless' was the album and it remains one of Bryan Adams best with songs like 'One Night Love Affair', 'Run to You', 'Heaven' and 'Summer of 69'.

Bryan Adams came back again and again with so many beautiful albums and I bought most of them. When he played at a concert in Bangalore I went. And then I went again when he came another time. Always as good as the first time.

Favorite memories are playing these numbers at parties with the gang. And recording them for my favorite people with whom I shared music as a way of sharing my friendship with them.

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