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“Organisations are about people. People are about mindsets.”


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Coaching and Mentoring Services
Good Counsel Is essential 
Coaching and mentoring help to fast track an individual in his/her aim to realize potential. A good coach helps the individual to sharpen clarity, maintain focus, stay on track and achieve a set goal in the most efficient manner.  He or she provides the right connect between the principle and the process. 

In Coaching, the coach and coachee work together to achieve specific goals. The coach provides alternative perspectives. The coachee is always at liberty to adopt or not. More often than not, a small insight sets the course right early often with significant gains.

Program Rationale
Life coaching involves all issues relating to life – health, wealth, relationships, success, career and spiritual growth. 

Executive coaching involves specific issues with work and may look at specific goals to achieve in one’s job or career. 

Performance coaching involves specific coaching related to high performance. It will include guidance on skill, physical and mental aspects to improve performance.

One-on-one, telephone and skype interactions.

Participant profile
Any individual who perceives the need for a coach or mentor in his/her pursuit of better performance, understanding. 

CRIC X – Powerful Executive Lessons from Cricket
 “You cannot hide on the field.”
Cric X, our unique cricket-based executive programs, drive home powerful executive lessons in team building, and leadership through cricket. Participants experience people dynamics, team management and leadership in a pulsating, competitive and action-packed atmosphere in real time. It is an experiential program where participants get a chance to judge themselves and others in action. Understanding of goal and role clarity, ownership and performance, individual and team commitment are tested.

 “Winning by Design – A Cricketing Approach to Building Champion Teams’ sets a common purpose, examines factors that form champion teams and brings teams together like a FIST. It clarifies the importance of role clarity and committing to team above self.

‘Personal Leadership – Building Ownership Muscle’  questions the individual’s commitment to the team, seeks a guaranteed commitment and pushes the individual to deliver against promise. It enables the individual to calibrate commitment and test for results.

‘Leadership in Action – Transitioning to Secure Leadership’ probes the behaviors of leaders and how leaders affect teams. Latent leadership behaviors surface in live action.

Each program is of 1-day duration. An integrated program would be a 3 day residential program.

The workshops involve short tennis-ball cricket matches followed by personal reflection, storytelling, role play, corporate and cricket analogy and exercises.

Learning Objectives
·         Team dynamics, building of winning cultures in teams, role and goal clarity
·         Individual commitment to team purpose, owning one’s performance
·         Delegation, people management and conflict management
·         Importance of Trust, Belief, Empathy in people management

Leadership Workshop
Cracking the Leadership Code - 
Building the ownership muscle

Leadership can be learned like any other skill. A good leader makes a significant difference to individual and team performance. Leadership skills bring the best out of people, grow teams and achieve results.

Leadership does not need a position. It is an attitude and an action, a feeling of ownership. This is why ownership and leadership are linked. Good leaders understand how ownership transforms.

 ‘Cracking the Leadership Code – Building Ownership Muscle’ is a 1 day workshop that deconstructs leadership, understands leadership as a process, looks at the evolution of leaders and creates secure and effective leaders.

‘Your Team Reflects You’ is a 1 day program for leaders at the top. The program deals with using feedback mechanisms, energy management and developing a coaching style of leadership.

‘Repurposing Team Effort’ is a 2-day offsite leadership program that deals with the top leadership of the company and repurposing of goals and effort for the year.
The first two are 1 – day programs while the last program is a –day offsite for the top leadership of a company.

The workshop employs reflection, dialogue, experience sharing, storytelling, role play and activity.

Key Takeaways
·         Understanding the leadership process, evolution and role of leaders
·         Linking higher responsibility to growth, ownership to performance
·         Personal leadership and result orientation
·         Delegation, people management and conflict management

The Champion’s Mindset
The High Performance Route to Fast track Growth

The route to becoming champion material is not for the faint hearted. It requires honesty to oneself and the goal, hours of disciplined work and staying on course despite setbacks. Knowing the way champions think and achieve helps in mapping the road to personal excellence. The Champion’s Mindset cuts through layers and zooms in on clarity, responsibility, commitment, process-orientation and growth-orientation. It fast tracks performance – if one is willing to work for it.

High performance is built on a clear process. It starts with an approach, a mindset. The Champion’s Mindset focuses on finding goal clarity, strengths identification, processes to achieve the same efficiently, planning and monitoring to stay on track and minimize uncertainty and ways to sustain the effort to take your performance to the next level.

The Champion’s Mindset is for individuals desirous of achieving high performances. It requires a high amount of discipline and motivation and a sharp focus on set routines. It makes the process efficient and result oriented.

The workshop employs reflection, dialogue, experience sharing, storytelling, role play and activity.

Key Takeaways
·         An understanding of the Mindset of a champion
·         Goal clarity and setting up of milestones
·         Strength identification and dealing with weaknesses
·         Organising one’s effort for results through planning and implementation
·         Sustaining the effort and staying on course

About The Mindset Coaching Group
The Mindset Coaching Group believes in the power of the mindset to transform our performances and our lives. When the approach is right, it is easy to learn and apply skills efficiently. By gaining goal clarity and deconstructing the process to achieve the goal, we can transform ordinary talent into powerhouse performances. The Mindset Coaching Group is committed to explore, research and guide those who are on the path to achieve their potential.

The MCG believes that if we can set it right in the mind, the rest unfolds. If we can see it, we can achieve it. The Mindset Coaching Group is the brainchild of Hari Mohan Paruvu, author and coach, whose work deals with themes of excellence and achievement of potential. He is supported by a team of associates and peers.

Hari Mohan Paruvu
Hari Mohan Paruvu is a writer, speaker, executive coach and workshop facilitator based out of Hyderabad. He is a Civil Engineer and MBA from Osmania University with sales, advertising, marketing and corporate finance experience. As a first class cricketer he represented Hyderabad in the Ranji Trophy during 1985-87, the period when it won the Ranji Trophy. His first novel ‘The Men Within – A Cricketing Tale’, 2007, has been made into a Telugu movie ‘Golconda High School’. His second novel ‘If You Love Someone…’ was published in 2010, his third book, ‘50 Not Out – 50 Lessons from Cricket’, connects cricket to life lessons. His fourth book ‘This Way is Easier Dad’ is due for release shortly. Hari Mohan has conducted over 50 workshops and delivered over a 100 lectures on team building and leadership. He was a featured speaker at the TEDx VNR VJIET on April 2, 2016.

You can reach Harimohan Paruvu at Email: M: 98498 17609

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