Sunday, May 5, 2019

Three Writers in Mumbai

Recently when I was in Mumbai, I caught up with Piyush Jha, my pal from the Hampi retreat. Piyush was his usual large hearted self and invited me over to the Soho House where he is a member. We ate some fine lunch and headed out. Instead of parting ways I asked him if he would like to meet another friend of mine who also lives in Bandra - Dilip D Souza. Piyush was game and we did. Since we had a half hour to kill before Dilip got back home, Piyush gave me a ride about the Pali Hill area which is infested with all sorts of personalities from films.
Piyush, Dilip and me
And then we spent a delightful hour with Dilip and Vibha at their house. Dilip's house is overloaded with books and he is a wonderful guy to chat with. Both he and Piyush have this thing for record players - Piyush apparently has five. During the course of the day, I met a few more people who have record players and collect vinyls.

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