Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Anjali - Meeting Harsh

Harsh and Mansi have been with Anjali at school since they were in play school. They were really thick. And when Harsh had to suddenly move to Mumbai a year ago there was much sadness. Once in a while Anjali would call him up and they would have long chats about what was happening at school and other stuff.
Harsh and Anjali 
So when we were planning a trip to Mumbai in April, Anjali's first condition was that we should meet Harsh one day. While at Pune we went out and she bought him a gift - the first Harry Potter book which she wanted him to get started on. She will insist that she buys it form her own money.

Harsh's family was living in Kandivli, a big two-hour ride for us almost. We went with Anjali, met the family, dropped Anjali there and came away. The moment they met they disappeared into the room inside and were chatting away like crazy. She stayed over and I picked her up the next day.

There's something so fragile and innocent about these friendships and I like the way they build them. I would love to be a bit like that too.

When I asked her if they had taken any pictures so I could write about it, she said they had not. They were busy playing or chatting. Luckily, an aunt of Harsh, whom these two met at the store had taken their picture. 

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