Tuesday, May 14, 2019

The Thong Also Rises - Edited by Jennifer L. Leo

A delightful compilation of women travelers and their travails. From a first time nudist who is thrilled with having thrown off all her baggage and walks into a bar on the beach to get a beer - only to find the bar full of men and fully clothed to the dilemma of a young lady who is wondering how to congratulate a naked bride and groom in Jamaica, it is full of fun tales.

Not every story is about nude beaches of course. There is one on wooden puppets in Prague, a hot night with a yogi who is teaching Bikram yoga, trying to explain the hidden sex toy on the baggage to airport security and blaming Mom are some of the other stories.

Quick, easy, delightful read. Realised it's the third of a series. I think there should be potential in an Indian version too.

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