Tuesday, May 28, 2019

My Musical Notes - Rock Hits 86

This was one of those albums that compiled hits. When I bought this I really didn't know many groups or songs. But it had some great numbers like 'These Dreams' by Heart, 'Rock Me Amadeus' by Falco (never heard of them again), 'Manic Monday' by the Bangles (big hit). I liked 'Calling America' by ELO, 'Beats so Lonely' and the biggest hit in this album 'Let's go all the way' by Sly Fox (another one hit wonder).

What I am loving about this exercise of pulling out my old cassettes is that they give away tell tale signs of the times when I bought them - sometimes I wrote the name of the place and date on the cassette cover. But this tape has great memories as we played 'Let's go all the way' many times in our parties. My all-time memory of this was Venkatapathi Raju telling us how much Azhar loved this song on an England trip that they had made then.

Nice stuff!

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