Thursday, January 24, 2019

Anjali - I Rang the Bell

Anjali's school went for an overnight excursion to Deccan Trails, an adventure camp near Vikarabad. She had a good time and had lots of stories to tell when she got back. One of her highlights was that she did the rock climbing challenge and was one of the seven girls who went all the way to the top and rang the bell. 'Only three boys rang the bell,' she said. She has all the makings of a feminist.
Long climb up
So she did a great job with Burmah bridge and some other activity and the Activity Sir took notice of her. 'I will see that you will ring the bell in rock climbing,' he told her. 'Come to my side.' But Anita aunty asked her to go to the other side. The Activity Sir was miffed and said 'Po,Po' (go, go). Anyway her attempt on the other side did not work and she came back disappointed. So did Mansi and they both sat watching.
The bell
Then they saw another girl trying a second time. They had thought that they were to get only one chance. So they went to the Activity Sir and asked if they could try again. Yes of course. 'This time I will make sure you will do it,' he told her.
I did it!
This time she did. 'I am short and can't reach the bell, so I had to let go of the rope and leap at the bell to ring it. Then I was hanging in the air with the harness and they all cheered me. It was such a nice feeling to ring the bell.'

Hmm. Good for you that you tried again. I like the way you are going - without giving up at first try or first failure. End on a high.


Unknown said...

Anjali is a determined girl and full of enthusiasm to learn from normal things around her, things we generally overlook. Best wishes for greater lessons from her.

Harimohan said...

Thanks Tops. It's good to see that trait. Good to see you around on the blog. :)