Monday, December 19, 2016

Thought for the Day - Singing Improves Concentration

Our mind can mess itself with its thoughts of the future and the past. If we can cut the connection
between the future and the past, we could be in the present a little more and perhaps respond better.

One technique I have heard of is singing or humming to oneself. I heard that Sehwag does it and MSD does it (and some other stalwarts too). They hum or sing their way through stressful periods.

I used this technique once while playing an important game in 1991. We had a weak batting side and I had to score some runs against the strong VST side. I hummed this particular tune of Journey from their song 'Stone in Love' during the game and it helped me focus. I got a 100 that game. Similarly another game when we were 9 down and I needed to score 30 with just one other batsman at the other end and I hummed away to 24 of the 30 and we won the game. Many other times - while alone, driving etc.

Singing cuts the connection to the future and the past. Or for that matter any other thought can cut the connection to these debilitating thoughts.

Singing and humming your favorite tunes keeps you aware and in the moment. Improves focus and concentration. Improves response.

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