Friday, December 30, 2016

Charlie Chaplin - Movie Review

It was fun watching the old Charlie Chaplin with Anjali who has a full throated laughter at things she finds really funny. So there were things that Chaplin did that made me laugh and then watching Anjali's laugh made me laugh again.

How did Chaplin figure out the importance of humour and drama in keeping audiences engaged and involved and while doing that, forget about reality for a while. He uses elaborate gigs, some of which look quite tough to execute, falling, hitting, running - it's a lot of physical action that Charlie puts in. And of course a dash of romance without any unwanted sexual innuendos. Not to mention drama and a political statement of the times he lived in filled with emotion, vulnerability and human frailty and goodness.

These 12 short pieces belong to an era long before his full fledged movies came by. Glad that Satish gifted me this DVD - thanks Doctor Seven. Looking forward to catch City Lights next.

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