Friday, December 30, 2016

The Paradoxes of Our Lives - What We Really Want, We Live

What we truly want, we live.

We live that life without explanations. without justifications. Without feeling its lack. It just is.

Beyond that is stuff we aren't living - but want. More money, more success, more love, more fun, more happiness. That 'more' is the stuff we aren't sure about.

Should we want that stuff? Why is not part of our lives already if we want it? Are we to force it?

Or just be.

We are. We are not trying to be.

For a reason.

But when we see the more, we are aware of the lack. It changes things.

More is not merely about growth. It's about how we want to achieve the growth. Do we do it by feeling small and less than or by seeing the magnificent possibilities out there?

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