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A Questionnaire for Growth - Adapting Good to Great Concepts to Individual Growth

Having read the classic 'Good to Great' by Jim Collins which presents terrific insights from his analysis of Good t Great companies, I feel the principles can be applied to individual growth as well. The main issues to look at for an individual who wishes to achieve greatness are:

1) Personal Leadership
1. Are you competent at your job? Do you have all skills required to do a good job - technical, communication, presentation, people - and mostly the ability to complete jobs to satisfaction?
Key: When was the last time anyone complimented you on a good job at your core area?

2. Are you a good team player?
Key: When was the last time you got a compliment for being a good team player? When was the last time your team won?

3. Are you a good leader?
Key: Can you take responsibility for others and produce results.

4. Do you have personal humility?
Key: Team is always bigger than you, you are reserved, you let your work do the talking, your results speak for themselves, others find you approachable, easy to talk to

5. Do you have intense professional will?
Key: Is your aggression channeled into ambition for the team's success, into great resolve to achieve success for the team, you have workman like diligence, you take hard decisions in favour of company's growth

6. Do you share credit for success? Do you take blame for failures?
Key: All success is given away. All blame is taken by you as the leader.

7. Do you look to grow as a person, a leader?
Key: Self reflection, awareness, personal reflection, mentors, coaches, support system

2) People
1. What is the quality of company you keep? Great people or mediocre people?
Key: Great people are self motivated, come up with ideas, sense of ownership, take an idea and run with it. look for the best answer, progressive, achievers, love what they are doing

2. Are the right people in your life in the right seats?
Key: Peer group, mentors, coaches.(name those who are already there and those whom you would like to add)

3. Are the wrong people with you? When do you plan to get rid of them?
Key: Reduce unproductive time

6.       4. Are you using the peer, mentor, coach group well? How often do you speak to them about your issues?
     Key: Ask for help, share information, frequently

5. What attributes are important to you in your people group?
9.       a) character b) work ethic c) basic intelligence d) dedication to fulfilling commitments 

6. Does your team share your core values?
Key: If they don't, you have a problem

3) Self awareness
1. Do you know your core values – who you are and why?Key: How well do you know yourself - what drives you, your first principles, your values, your approach, what you will stake for and how much.

2. Do you take feedback / seek advise easily?
Key: Ability to ask and listen, growth orientation

3. Are you focusing on your best opportunities or on your biggest problem? (Name both)
Key: Your biggest effort should be on opportunities

4. Do you appreciate easily?
Key: Your ego, adaptability, ease with yourself and others, ability to give, to see good

4) Approach
1. What is the big vision you want to achieve in your life? 

Key: The BHAG you would like to achieve irrespective of your current situation

2. What are the brutal facts you need to face in your current situation that you need o address?
 Key: The facts as they are - brutally faced

3. Do you make decisions based on the brutal facts you are facing?
       Key: Make your decisions based on hard realities - grow brick by brick, not on some hope

4. Do people around you give honest feedback about the brutal facts of your life? Or do they fear you?
Key: Are you open to the truth? Or living a lie?
Do you accept feedback where truth is heard and facts confronted? What is the feedback you have received recently?Key: If you have not, you are not approachable
6.      6. Do you lead with questions and not answers?
Key: Questions show intent to learn and correct and grow, answers show that you know everything and you are not willing to listen

7. Do you engage in
dialogue and debate? Is dialogue, debate and healthy conflict allowed in your life?Key:If allowed, its healthy, if not you are living in darkness
8.       8. Do you conduct autopsies without blame?
Key: If it is about blame, no truth will emerge

9. Do you have red flag mechanisms? (Where?)
Key: They can course correct before it gets too late - identify the signs early
10. Do you actively demotivate people? (One way is by ignoring brutal facts of reality)
Key: Allow the truth to be spoken as others see it, listen to all viewpoints, speak with data not subjectivity, show the way, don't bulldoze

5) Your Clarity
1.  What are all the activities you are currently putting your energy into?Key: Identify the one that will give you the greatest result.

2.What is the one big thing that you know and do well?
Key: One organizing idea, that unifies and guides everything.
3. What can you be the best in the world at (and what you cannot be)?
Key: It need not be what you are doing now - take a good look at what you can do best

4. What are you deeply passionate about?
Key: Something you could do for a lifetime, that you get up and run towards

 5. If you could pick one and only one ratio - profit per x - to systematically increase over time, what x would have the greatest and most sustainable impact on your economic engine? (against all the activities mentioned)
Key: Pick the activity that gives greatest return within the activities chose

6. Do you have a council of people to discuss your goal clarity with? Key: Identify a group of 5-6 people who can help refine your key goal

6) Your Discipline 
1. What would you describe your work culture as?Key: Disciplined. Innovative, Responsible, Ownership.

2. What are your guiding principles regarding work? What are sacrosanct at work and what is not?
3.       Key: Skill, Physical and Mental

3. Are you aware of what aspects of your expertise needs to be strengthened, maintained and worked at for you to be the best?
5.       Key: Your strengths, weaknesses, areas to improve.

4. What are the routines you must do to progress rapidly?
Key: They are first priority in the day.

5. W
hat are the things you must stop doing to move ahead? (Stop doing list) Key: The distractions
6. Do you encourage open and honest discussions?
Key: Your growth is related to constant feedback.
  When did you last get feedback /advise?
7. Do you invest in building an enduring culture of discipline?
Key: How many hours a day are you investing in building it.

7) The Flywheel
1. Do you feel that your effort to achieve your goal is in the one direction, consistently?
Key: Is your effort focused on one thing

2. Do you feel you built enough momentum to take off?
Key: Are you doing too many things and losing momentum on key areas?
Is your build up an organic development process, Evolved over time or are you hoping for a miracle moment?Key: Are you building brick by brick or hoping
Do you under promise and over deliver? Or do you over deliver and under promise? Key: Better to under promise and over deliver

5. Do you have a system of continued improvement and delivery of results?
6.       Key: What have you promised? What have you delivered? Always find the balance where you can deliver more.

6. What are the tangible accomplishments in the direction of your dream? How does it look in the overall context? 
Key: Where have you reached on the path
7. What’s the gap between where you want to be and where you are? Why? 
Key: Brutal facts are not being looked at
What are your core values and purpose beyond making just money? Key: Put money aside, you will find the right reason 

9.What is your BHAG - based on understanding and not bravado?
Key: Your Big, Hairy, Audacious Goal must be based on an understanding of reality, not bravado

10. Have you committed to one another in your team to achieve your dream?
 Key: Any promise made to your team?

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