Saturday, December 10, 2016

Anjali - I Got Her Off My Bus

I was talking to Anjali about this book 'Good to Great' and how it had some fine points. One superb idea is about the quality of people around you - the people on your bus as they say. The idea is to get the right people around you and get the wrong people off. The right people were those who were better than you, who would help you on your growth path. The wrong ones distract you from it.
Who to get on? Who to get off?
She heard me out and had a couple of things to say about some of her friends at school. She said some were discouraging, some overbearing and some plain interfering. Like one X. She wrapped her head around the general idea and we forgot about it.

A couple of days later I went to pick her up at school. She jumped into the car and announced triumphantly - 'You know nanna, I got X off my bus today. It is not that we are enemies or anything like that but I feel so much better that she is off.'

I could sense her relief at the thought of it. Guess she mentally off loaded her. Good for you kid.

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