Monday, December 26, 2016

Anjali - The Overacting School

Mansi stayed over for her first sleepover over the weekend - a kind of a quick return after Anjali did her first sleepover at her house last week. The two friends had great fun, sleeping late on their own, playing, pulling each others legs. It's a time when the mischief in Anjali comes fully to the fore.

At breakfast Anjali was making an elaborate song and dance about eating something. An act specially put on for Mansi in good humour.

I asked Mansi - 'Does she do this at school as well?'
Mansi smiled.
Anjali continued her elaborate production.

'I should send her to an acting school,' I told Mansi. 'In fact I think she can become the Principal of one right now.'
Mansi laughed.

Anjali corrected me after a bite.
'Not an acting school. An overacting school.'

The repartee is sharpening. The kid is growing up.

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