Saturday, December 17, 2016

Talk at HDFC - Growth Through Ownership - The Cricketing Approach

Ownership and growth.
What is ownership? It is a much overused and misunderstood word. What does it mean?

What is Ownership?
- It is responsibility. the subtle difference is how much responsibility? There is a difference between 10% responsibility and 100% responsibility. There is also a difference between 99% responsibility and 100% responsibility. Ownership is 100% responsibility.
"I" will do it!
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The Responsibility - Excuse Continuum
Every time it falls below 100%, the space is filled by an excuse. 99% responsibility is 1% excuse and 99% responsibility. 50% responsibility is 50% excuse and 50% responsibility. And so on!

How Ownership Looks Like? 
- No excuses, best result must be delivered at all costs
- Go beyond your call of duty, give more than your everything
Your area of responsibility must gradually increase in increasing circles.
A point made

How to do it?
-Set own agenda
- Plan how to execute it
- Do it within your framework
- Do it for the greater good of team
- Flow into all areas that can help the team

Why we don't take ownership?
Our fear that if I give everything and don't get recognised for it - immediately I will look like a fool. So better be smart and not give my 100%.
Another one

Why should I take ownership?
My own personal growth for one. When I perform better, I learn more. I become better skilled, more aware. I am ready to take more responsibility. I am noticed by others for my work and my attitude.

What happens if you do?
Your performances improve. Your team does better. You start being recognised. You get bigger opportunities.

If you don't?
Your personal performances start shrinking. People notice that your capabilities are lesser tan they thought. Your confidence goes down. Your team will do badly or you will be thrown out. You don't get great opportunities.
Rajan Tandon, Branch Head

Ownership - Growth Connection
What is your growth dependent upon?
If we play selector who will you pick first? Who will you drop? Who will you persist with? Who will you promote?
Signing copies of 50 Not Out!

Climb the Ownership Ladder
This is how it goes - you must attempt to move up the order
Step 1) Less than 100% (not even fulfilling your role well - go back and learn and work harder)
Step 2) Knows and delivers job fully (know your job and deliver satisfactory results)
Step 3) A good contributing team member (deliver your job and also contribute to team in small ways)
Step 4) Shows capability to lead - takes initiative (deliver your job, contribute and take more responsibility when required)
Step 5) Becomes an effective leader and produces great results by making everyone perform like owners (can lead a team and get results from team)
Step 6) Creates bigger leaders from team (can grow great leaders and build a lasting effect)
Tackling some bouncers

Ownership Is a Decision
Taking ownership is the only way out. It is better we give ourselves a chance than go down without giving ourselves a chance.

The key is the decision to give your 100% - to expand your scope by yourself. Once you decide, you will achieve what you set out to achieve or more.

Decide and fully own whatever you want to change. Go for it!

Thanks Bijju for inviting me over. I thoroughly enjoyed speaking with your team. Hope to do it again soon.

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