Thursday, December 22, 2016

Anjali - Missing You

After a few hectic days and weeks when we have not been able to spend too much time together I found this note on my desk yesterday.

Obviously Anjali has been feeling what I have been feeling - some quality time together. So its been a while since we played badminton or cricket, or chess, or have her ride the bike, or watched a movie together or any of those things we do together. I wish I'd rectified it before I got this note but then it's never too late.

I cannot simply tell her that I am there for her. I have to make her feel it. She must experience it through my actions, my being. Now, to bring great concentration to her. To throw away everything on my hand by the time she comes home and be fully available to her all evening.

There are somethings you cannot say. You just have to be that, for the other to know that. Now where are the badminton racquets?

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