Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Thought for the Day - This Moment Is All I Have

If this moment is all I have, what do I do with it? Before it dies, before it segues into the next, by which time this is gone. Do I spread myself across moments and go thin as they pass by, or do I stop it all and put all my want into this moment.

I want it all, now. Like a child.

I compress it all - my effort and the result - by my intensity of want in this moment. Now!

There is a way that the world arranges itself around those who have these instant wants, who cannot wait. The world wants to take care of their wants. They expect, and the world fulfills.

That apart, perhaps the moment also deserves full attention. Perhaps it will stop moving away, wait, and look me in the eye. Like lovers do, deep into each others eyes, afraid that by looking away, this moment will be lost.

Time, might just stop. This moment after all, is all we have. Engage with the moment then, fully, deeply, directly. 

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