Saturday, July 2, 2016

The Paradoxes of Our Lives - To Be Authentic to The World, First Be Authentic to Yourself

First ask yourself, why are you doing what you are doing?

If it is what you would do wholeheartedly, do it. If not, refrain.

Do what pleases you. Save your time and energy for things that help you move forward.

When you do things for reasons that are not authentic, you are doing it to please someone. Maybe because you don't want to hurt them. Or lower their expectations.

But you don't need to buy or beg for love. You can give it from a place of giving.

To do that, give it to yourself first until the cup runs full. When you direct the flow of love first to yourself, some people might fall off. So be it. They were there for the wrong reasons too.

Over time you will be in an authentic space. I reckon, a more peaceful space. You will be with authentic people who accept you as you are, with no expectations.

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