Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Thought for the Day - In Love Thoughts Focus Inward, In Fear Outward

Just a thought.

Is it that in love, our thoughts go inward? And from there, expand outside?

As in, there is a feeling of being secure, nurtured, cared. And its a nice feeling, so I would like to share with others and then I expand it outward. Since I am feeling good and secure, I am not worried about sharing with others.

And in fear, our thoughts go outward? And from there, we try to secure ourselves?

As in, our first reaction is that of securing ourselves from attacks. Because something we are holding on to dearly is under threat - a belief, an idea, an identity. Our entire focus is on fighting the threat and keeping ourselves, perhaps our ego, safe from that threat. My entire focus is on keeping that out, away from me, away from possible pain.

Maybe, if we let go of our idea, belief, identity, there is nothing to fear? Nothing but a happy, floating space. Maybe in that space, there is scope for feeling love.

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