Friday, July 8, 2016

Anjali - We Play Fully When We Play a Match

Badminton time again. Anjali and I were knocking the shuttle over and over in increasingly longer rallies. Now I could see after two days that there was an increased level of competence. Since we were discussing the point system I suggested we play a game.

'A game?' asked she, surprised that we had graduated to games already.
I shrugged.
'Let's play,' I said. 'What's the big deal?"

After a few points, one could see that the competitive spirit had kicked in and Anjali was fighting hard to win points.

She realised it too.
'When we play a match we play more fully no Nanna,' she observed after a hard rally.

Yes Anjali. It's the oldest way to get people involved, interested, engaged - throw them a challenge. Make them compete against something - time, another person. That's when we are, like Anjali said, playing 'fully'.

At other times we obviously are not. Can't blame us. There is no challenge, there is no interest. It's the manager's, teacher's, mentor's, coach's job to create that challenge. If there's no one to do it, its in our own interest to be interested, i.e. to create a challenge and engage more 'fully'.


Braja said...

Love the way you have presented the point!

Harimohan said...

Thanks BP. :)