Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Thought for the Day - When In Doubt, Compare the Choices and Choose in Favor of Growth

Many times we choose unclearly. We end up doing things we ought not be doing. Like let's say something that's not good for you. Why would you do it knowing fully well it's not good for you? Whatever the reasons, these decisions impact our growth, our quality of our life, our career, our financial condition, our health, relationships and pretty much everything.

I know I need to eat healthy stuff and in smaller portions. I know I need to exercise. But I choose to eat unhealthy stuff and in large portions. When it's time to exercise, I don't. I stay up late watching useless stuff on TV. I end not feeling good about it. It's not what I want to do I feel but something compels me to do it.

One way to get clear about making the choices is to ask this question before doing anything one is unclear or unsure about - what's a better choice? Or rather, what should I be doing for my growth? The alternatives are evident always. If not, one at least ends up being clear that this decision is an outcome of choice. Either way there is clarity in thought, in action.

When unclear about choices, ask the q - is there something better that I'd rather be doing (that aids my growth). If there is, the choice is obvious.

If both choices, still do not appeal, refrain (from unsure action).

If on the other hand you have no better choice and you want to go ahead with the unsure choice, commit wholeheartedly to whatever you set out to do. At least now you're clear why you are doing it.

The road in between does not lead to a happy space. But chosen well, with a few such decisions a day, life could take a U turn for the better.

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