Sunday, June 12, 2016

Thought For The Day - The Difficulties We Face

There are times when we feel that there are too many obstacles in our path. These obstacles are either self-imposed or put there by circumstance.

Self-imposed Obstacles - Be Tough With Them
Self-imposed obstacles are those when we start mentally littering our path with our thoughts and beliefs and making it a minefield. If you have to go to the gym everyday, or put in a few hours more at work, our mind will create enough excuses including health issues, likely problems, what others said or thought etc etc. We make up enough to stop ourselves from starting or enough to give up. These obstacles are in fact not obstacles - and one must sail though them by telling the mind that there is no escape and work must be done period.
You must beat the mind here and discipline it.

Circumstantial Obstacles -Be Grateful to Them
Obstacles that come through circumstance are wonderful stuff because they come with the express purpose of growing you. They will test you, push you and make you learn all that you need to learn. One must be grateful to these obstacles and find ways to grow enough to handle them. These are obstacles put there before us by god or the universe or the higher power to push you to the next level. Its the exam we must take to pass to the next level. It is best that we view it as that and handle it accordingly.

The first lot of obstacles do not really grow you but they help in training the mind to do the work without escaping. The second lot grows you in many ways.

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