Friday, June 17, 2016

Thought for the Day - Be Present, Reduce

Being present was a concept that I was first introduced to when I read Hugh Prather's book with a long title - The Earth and something. I remember wondering why I never thought of life like that - being grounded in the present which is all there is - and giving up the past and the future, for a taste of heaven on earth. It was during my late twenties that I happened upon this book. But sadly by then I had practiced being in the past and the future so well that I found it difficult to extricate myself.

However I believe that its a practice that makes for a wonderful life. The stress of the past, the worry of the future, both useless and debilitating burdens, can be simply slipped off the back. Fresh and free from worry and drama we can live the present, one wondrous moment at a time.

If we can actually make the moment unconditional, even better. A life that just moved into a higher frequency, a higher gear.

Ah. To stay grounded to the now.

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