Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Anjali - Book review 'The Nancy drew series - Mystery of the brass bound trunk'

 Book review – the Nancy drew series
Mystery of the brass-bound trunk

Nancy is on a tour to New York on board of the Winschoten.  They have a sudden mystery. Nelda Detweiler Nancy, Bess and George ’s new roommate has been blamed for jewel theft!

To add to it a man spells in finger language BEWARE OF NANCY DREW AND NE. Who is ne? Why is the man saying beware of Nancy drew. Is he the jewel thief? is the trunk his?

And to complete it a mystery trunk with the initials N.D. was sent to room 130 but it isn’t Nancy’s nor Nelda’s. They find out the trunk has hidden jewels in it!

There are a line of suspects
The Stewart
The captain- Nelda’s uncle
The assistant purser- Rod Havelock
The man with the finger language- Mr Otto August
Otto August’s partner

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