Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Anjali - Book review 'The Nancy drew series - Mystery of the brass bound trunk'

 Book review – the Nancy drew series
Mystery of the brass bound trunk

Nancy is on a tour to New York on board of the Winschoten.  They have a sudden mystery. Nelda Detweiler Nancy,Bess and George ’s new roommate has been blamed for jewel theft!

To add to it a man spells in finger language BEWARE OF NANCY DREW AND NE. Who is ne ? Why is the man saying beware of Nancy drew . Is he the jewel thief? is the trunk his?

And to complete it a mystery trunk with the initials N.D. was sent to room 130 but it isn’t Nancy’s nor Nelda’s. They find out the trunk has hidden jewels in it!

There are a line of suspects
The stewart
The captain- Nelda’s uncle
The assistant purser- Rod Havelock
The man with the finger language- Mr. Otto August
Otto August’s partner

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