Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Kapoor & Sons - Movie Review

It's nice and cosy and warm. Like a family. Or to be more precise, like knowing that you have one. Of course you always have problems with what you have - you cannot have problems with what you don't have. So the Kapoor family has problems within itself and everyone goes 'Hey it's like any family.' But this one is no ordinary one - this one is packed with stuff and some more.

It starts with the grandfather Rishi Kapoor pretending to die in an attempt to get some attention. Too many times of 'Wolf, wolf' and you know he will land up where he wants to go. His son, Rajat Kapoor, failed businessman and currently in a failed affair with an ex-colleague, and his daughter in law, Ratna Pathak, trying to set up a business, call their two sons who are in different parts of the globe. One a successful novelist in England, Fawad Khan, and another a failed novelist in New York, Siddharth Malhotra. Everyone comes down to picturesque Coonoor. We find an orphaned but rich Alia Bhatt in her bungalow that she wants to let out to someone hot like Fawad Khan (older, successful novelist). Her parents died in a plane crash and she was mean to them the last time she spoke. Fawad Khan has some skeletons in his closet. Siddharth Malhotra is an open failure with a grouse against his older brother. Rajat Kapoor can't keep away from his old (literally) lover. Ratna Pathak can't stop messing up everything. Rishi Kapoor's dream of a family picture almost comes true. I'll leave out the suspense so you can enjoy it when you see.

It's a nice and fun film. Coonoor looks lovely. Nice performances by all the actors - Alia stands out as always. It goes into the shelf with the 'Piku' kind of movies - stuff you want to watch peacefully on a rainy day all alone.

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