Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Anjali - The Dog Moved, That Man Did Not

We were navigating the car on a narrow road on the way to school. A dog was sitting peacefully on the road. two young men were walking in the middle of the road - plump, overfed specimens, wearing shorts. You know the type that moves laboriously, with great effort, dragging their bodies ahead.

As we neared them I honked.
The dog got up and moved aside. But the young men walked on, or rather shuffled on, oblivious to the honking, unable perhaps to move their girth. Or more likely, they just did not care. They were intensely conversing with one another.

So I honked again. This time they moved an inch. One of them looked back to see who was honking and disturbing the peace. If he could move faster maybe he would have said something but his reflexes stopped him from any quick repartee.

I squeezed my way past them - they gave in only so much reluctantly. It was like I was claiming some territory they owned.

I chance upon many such everyday so I do not bother too much. While I was going past them, Anjali observed.

'The dog moved. That man did not.'

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