Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Finding Dory - Movie Review

It's about a small fish named Dory who keeps forgetting things. We must not forget however that she was there in the 'Finding Nemo' movie - though I don't remember her much. What Dory does well is that she gets caught up in the moment and forgets what she was to do in the first place. In one such moment she forgets her home and loses her parents.

Now Dory is big and wants to find her parents. Marlin and Nemo are with her. They go to a Marine Institute which has Sigourney Weaver's voice welcoming guests. The parents are inside the institute so help has to be taken from all quarters like birds, octopuses, whales, seals and such to get in and then get out because they are now out. In the end Dory finds her parents who have been laying a path of shells for her to get back.

It's too cute for my liking. But there was once scene (which I forget) where Anjali laughed in that full throated way of hers and that was fun.

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