Thursday, June 16, 2016

The Paradoxes of Our Lives -We Resent Those Who Give, We Cannot Resent Those Who Don't

Perhaps one of the greatest learnings. We resent, get angry and expect more only with those who give us something. Family, friends, employers, society, country - the more one gives, the bigger the villain she or he becomes. Those who do not give us, we cannot resent or get angry or expect.

With those who give, we always feel we are geting shortchanged. We want more. Instead of feeling gratitude for what we are getting already. Or what we got.

So our anger today is directed at those who we perceive as the ones who must give and give and give and more and more and more. Any lowering of our expectations, even perceptively, will cause much anger.

At the same time we almost grovel before those who give us nothing. The fact that they deigned to even spare a look makes us eternally grateful to them.

To be grateful for what we got, in whatever measure, from all those who gave. right or wrong, and helped us in our journey, could dissipate the anger. Could lead to better possibilities - not necessarily with the old and resented ground - but with the newer grounds. 

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