Friday, June 24, 2016

Leadership Workshop - Cracking the Leadership Code, Building Ownership Muscle

The fifth of this leadership workshop series 'Cracking the Leadership Code - Building Ownership Muscle' was held today.

The program focussed on
1) leadership attributes to build
2) improving awareness and adaptability
3) taking leadership postiions
4) evolution of leaders
5) people skills and leadership fundamentals

Role play, stories, experiences, discussion and presentations were used to drive points home.

Some feedback
A wonderful session. I learnt a lot of things. - KKR

Improved my knowledge and skills for my future endeavours. - SD

Very informative and useful. Every word can be used in my personal and professional life. - RJ

Lots of insights. I am now confident of cracking the leadership code. -TP

Put concepts in an easily understandable way. Took care of all participants. Gentle, nurturing, atmosphere. You are living the starfish story - helping a few starfish everyday. - SS

Some measurement
We did a broad pre and post-program measurement on understanding of concepts.The results were as below for the group as a whole.

1) Understanding of the leadership process (+60%)
2) Confidence in handling leadership positions and taking higher responsibility (+58%)
3) Understanding of the evolution of the leader - from insecure to personal to secure leaders (+59%)
4) Action plans to develop leadership traits, ownership and performance enhancement (+55%)
5) People management, conflict and energy management, delegation (+60%)

Overall improvement of understanding across all categories was 60%.

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