Friday, June 3, 2016

The Serious Man - Movie Review

It's a movie about Jews. A Physics Professor (I forgot his name) who is on the verge of getting his tenure is also on the verge of seeing his life fall apart, bit by bit. A Korean student of his who failed a test, tried to bribe him to pass and then threatens to sue him. His neighbour seems to be encroaching on his property. His half crazy brother is creating problems at home. His medical tests seem okay save the X ray reports that are awaited. A sexy neighbour catches his eye and she introduces him to marijuana. His teen aged daughter is always going out and stealing money from his purse. His son is doing weed and ordering expensive stuff. And his wife wants a divorce because she is in love with the insufferable Sy Ableman.

To get some respite from all this he tries to see the rabbi - the junior one and then the senior one and then the senior most. He finds little help. Life goes from bad to worse. he is asked to move from home into a hotel. his brother gets picked up in a bad place for solicitation and sodomy. Police. Lawyer bills. Divorce. And then, Sy Ableman dies. After his death, Sy is called a serious man at his funeral.

A call from the doctor in the end sounds ominous. A tornado is heading towards the school.I have no words really. Maybe the Jews can laugh about it. Why did the Coen brothers do this?

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