Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Anjali - When You Do Your Own You Do It Better, Don't Copy

Anjali was away all day at her friend Mansi's house. These days it's all about playing games on X Box. Mansi is stronger, taller and athletic so it's always a challenge for Anjali to cope up in games real and virtual. But these days she seems to have figured things out a bit and wins a few. Like she said, 'I beat Mansi at athletics today. I was behind her till the hurdles and then I somehow got past her and I finished ahead of her.' On other days she comes back with some stuff she did on baseball and things like that where she got the better of her friend.
The Dancing Duo - Anjali and Mansi
Yesterday it was about dance. The figures on the screen move and these players have to dance in sync and they get some points or something like that. 'You know how good Mansi is at dance. She is the first choice for our dance teacher and all that,' said Anjali. 'But I got more points than her on the X Box.'

I listened.

'You know how? I figured out that computer. I used to lose to Mansi till the other day. Then I realised that I was copying the figures on the screen and was not doing my thing fully. So I started to do my job fully instead of focussing on copying the action on the screen. When I started completing my actions I started getting winning scores. You should do your own thing nanna and not copy blindly.'

Ah, that's a nifty lesson indeed. To see the fine difference between taking a cue and owning the show later and being spoonfed fully is subtle. It requires considerable awareness, an ability to adapt and a capacity to self-correct on the run. To use that lesson to get the better of a superior craftsman is quite commendable. And to wrap is all up and present it to your parent as a lesson is even more nicer.

Thanks Anjali. Don't copy, do your own thing fully is a fine lesson.

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