Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Two Interesting Scenes

I saw two interesting scenes today, both while driving. That's to say I witnessed them for less than a couple of seconds but that was more than enough.

The first starred a young girl, four or five years old, walking home from school. One hand secure in her grandfather's hand, the little cherub peered beyond the grandfather's frame, spotted whoever she was looking out for and waved her free hand with such loving familiarity that I can never forget that mischief and happiness in her look. Her shining eyes, sweet smile, trusting body language, all pointed out that the recipient of her wishes must be someone special to her. I quickly followed her gaze and tracked down the recipient - an old, frail beggar lady sitting outside a temple and waiting for alms. The old lady's face was lit with immense joy and happiness as she waved back at her little friend and you knew instantly that this was a daily thing. The connection between the two was something divine, out of this world. It's worth waiting near that temple again to catch that joy and affection of these two friends, this little game they play with one another.

The second scene came almost immediately after. A young was father walking home with his young daughter, three or four. He was carrying her. She enveloped him in a big hug, so tightly that they were almost as one. More interestingly the father reciprocated, holding his daughter so tightly, his face hidden in her little shoulders, walking almost unseeingly but conveying something deep and profound to his daughter. It was a moment of pure oneness, unadulterated love, complete surrender. There they walked oblivious to the rest of the world, deep inside their own world, free of outside tensions, unknown fears. In there, they were safe and secure, all was good and nice. All I could do was wish them that space forever.

Two lovely scenes that will remain in my heart always.

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