Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Thought for the Day - Decisions That Work And Those That Don't

All of us have one thing we struggle with. Despite doing everything right something is missing. We are not able to get that 'one' thing. Money, stability, love, success, peace - or anything else.

Process-wise we are doing it right - goal clarity, detailed planning, implementation, monitoring, correction and achievement. The vision boards are there, the affirmations are there, the meditations are there, the actions are there - but something is missing. It's not the same as the decisions we took that worked.

What is different about these two decisions? Why is this not working? More importantly why did the other decisions work?

The more I delved into this the more I am convinced that the process is not the issue ever - it's nothing technical really. Its never an ability issue because the process comes through intuitively once the decision 'clicks' into place. Why is it certain decisions 'click' and certain decisions don't?

I struggled with this for a long time.

Why did it work when I took up huge assignments 10 times my capability? Why is it not working when I want small assignments that are a tenth of my capability?

And then the answer 'clicked' in my head the other day.

For the decisions that worked I had put all my focus on them. Not a single conflicting thought, internal or external, was allowed. Every ounce of my energy and focus went into making it happen until it happened. Every single conflicting thought was removed. Every one of them.

With all my energies focused on what I wanted I was able to create that. The 10x performances came out of that single minded, exclusive focus.

The failures came from hoping it will happen somehow despite a lack of focus, despite entertaining conflicting thoughts, despite sabotaging my own plan. Almost like - I got it even when I didn't want it so bad.

Single-minded focus. Removal of all conflicting thoughts. Complete attention. That is what makes anything work. Let me now put it into practice and report my findings. Deep, deep engagement. 

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