Thursday, September 3, 2015

Anjali - And the Dogs

Two strays were pulling at the garbage can and making a mess. I went to shoo them away.

Anjali came running and held my hand.
'No nanna, don't. What did they do to you?'

I was not meaning to hit them or anything but I played along.
'But they are messing it up aren't they?'

'Let them. Someone will clean it up. Don't hit them.'
She did not let go of my hand and led me away. Nice. Though I felt like I was some animal-torturing monster being led away gently by someone who sees it all differently.

I didn't see this side of her before. But I am glad she has that. I am not a great animal lover and wish them well in their space but I do admire people who have the capacity to love other creatures (and people too).

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