Wednesday, September 23, 2015

My Top 10 Happy Songs

And a top 10 list (after a long time!). My top 10 happy songs.

1) Happy Together - The Turtles
This song was part of a collection on a record at home and it did sound happy even then, back in the 70s. But when I heard it the other day I realised I remembered some lyrics even now and that it was a genuinely happy number. Top of the 10.

2) Sweat - Inner Circle
I heard this during my Mumbai stint where I had started a practice. Every salary day I'd pick up one book and one cassette. This song by Inner Circle was pretty popular for its happy sounds so I picked it. Almost a decade and a half later I have no complaints.

3) Good Vibrations - Beach boys
Another one from my father's record collection. Summer days were hazy - a shimmering heat, Enid Blyton's and the records. Good vibrations is a brilliant number any day and one of the most romantic too.

4) I Can See Clearly Now - Jimmy Cliff
This song is from the movie 'Cool Runnings' which remains in the list of my all time favorite movies. I watched this movie thanks to the ever-eager-to-serve owner of the Chandan Video Store in Pune and I could not forget the number. Now thanks to the net and you tube we get to see them all. And its nice to meet old memories again.

5) Happy - Pharell Williams
You can't not have this song in any happy list can you? I tried to shut the song off midway many times and could not. Just carries you along in  its happiness. Despicable Me.

6) Part Time Lover - Stevie Wonder
This goes all the way back to the mid 80s. Heard it when I was in college. Phenomenal song.

7) You're the One That I Want
'Grease' was one of the first cassettes I ever bought - in 1980-81 if I remember right - and I don't know why I did. But Olivia Newton John was a huge hit one way or another, so it's always a pleasure listening to her and watching her. While there, check this video out of the two in a reunion. You fall in love with ONJ all over again.

8) Sugar - The Archies
This is a 69 hit. I heard it in one of those collections and it remains. And it brings back Archie and gang which is a happy bonus.

9) My Sharona - The Knacks
This was in a movie and that's how I remember it. I ran into it sometime in the mid 90s. Nice and happy.

10) The Only One - Transvision Vamp
Another one from the early 90s. Again a hazy, post college rush that comes pouring in when you hear the song. I owe this to Koni and his Aussie collection though. Narrowly beats numbers by Elton John (I'm still standing). Billy Joel (River of Dreams), Aha (Take on me) and even the Beatles (I want to hold your hand) into the top 10.

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