Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Anjali - Little Ms. Organised

So Anjali's birthday is approaching and the usual excitement is on. People to call, what to eat, gifts to come etc etc. It's a pretty large affair so work starts a week in advance. However gifts must not be mentioned - 'I want a surprise'.

Anyway I did not understand the seriousness of things until I saw these sheets pinned on the board. The first sheet was a list of all her guests - about 11 show up here but the list got extended to all in her class - another 6. The second page had a list of games to be played on the day. The third sheet was about the stuff that needed to be bought - snacks, cake, return gifts etc. On the list of friends Mansi has already been assigned some responsibility.

There are still a few more days to go and I have every reason to believe that she will have a proper dossier by the time we are within striking distance - with responsibilities, schedules and back up plans.

I am amazed at this level of organisation. For me birthdays are stuff that happen - or for that matter life too - and you handle it the best you can.

Makes me wonder, if I had been half this organised, I probably could have done something with myself. But good for you Anjali; this is a lesson I will take seriously. Like someone said, you must work to ensure happiness.

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Rajendra said...

I can already see that I must stock up on the Single Malts..useful learning.