Monday, September 7, 2015

Thought for the Day - What Will Happen If You Get What You Want So Badly?

We all want some things badly. We do not understand why we don't get them. The effort, the talent, the want and the need - they are all there. But something is just not happening.

This thought came up when we were discussing this issue, me and a friend. He runs a company, works hard (like a dog), is honest, straight etc but is just not taking off. Can't understand why. We looked at me - write books, committed to writing and stuff, but still struggling to find a publisher and in hitting the right notes. What is the missing link if we are walking the path but still something seems to be eluding us?

The thought that struck was this - we somehow do not want it to happen. Its a lack of preparedness, a reluctance, about what would happen if we crack this ceiling. What would happen to my concept of me if I moved up? If I got the money? If I got the freedom? If I got the love? If I got the success?

The questions we decided to ask ourselves were this.

What am I getting out of not getting what I want now?

In many cases it's a comfort zone with struggle, with fear, with the limelight, with the idea of comfort itself. We may worry if we will offend people with our success, if we will be able to handle it and its downsides if ever. It finally boils down to a lack of self-worth. A lack of love for ourselves as deserving of all that is available to all.

We must first feel deserving of it.

The second question is this.

What would I do if I got what I wanted now?

The answer could help prepare for the first. It makes us feel deserving, it makes us look at our needs and wants and bring sharpness and clarity to the issue. It makes us want to bring that stuff in - its at the door.

It needs some mental work. The physical work is being done anyway. We are ready in all other ways except spiritually - to receive. Get it, and then we shall deal with it.

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