Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Disclaimer - No Humans Were Hurt (Nor Will Be)

While watching a movie the other day I noticed a large disclaimer that no animals had been hurt during the making of the movie. Wonderful stuff. Obviously the movie makers were concerned about not hurting animals - at least on the parts that show on screen!

It struck me that there should be a similar disclaimer that "no humans were hurt during the making of this movie!" Ah, now that would be tricky right? Apart from those who physically get hurt during the making of movies, stuntmen, performers who get slapped etc by intense directors, people who work three shifts a day and fall off at the end into the producer's arms and so on and so for. More importantly we have those whose feelings might have got hurt - those who auditioned for roles and did not get jobs, those who wrote stories and someone else got inspired and made off with the fame and the wealth, those who wooed the babe and she ran off with someone else, those who invested money and lost everything etc. The list of those who get hurt in movie making processes is long and no one can put a disclaimer like the one we have for animals. At best a 'no humans were hurt while making the movie as far as we know" can be expected.

Obviously we far away from seeking guarantees against the suffering audiences undergo when they watch certain movies. Obviously much is hurt for the audiences after the movie is released also - physical, mental, spiritual, financial. I hope someone takes up this issue in the interests of humans. I think too many people love animals and forget humans.

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