Monday, September 14, 2015

The Nose - Nokolai Gogol

I read some outlandish stories in my life but nothing comes close to this one -The Nose'. It's about a person whose nose suddenly vanishes. It shows up in the bread loaf of his alcoholic barber. Then the person who lost his nose finds it masquerading as a gentleman in high society. No one takes his complaints seriously including the police. Meanwhile the barber throws the nose in the river. The man with no nose goes to the newspapers to advertise about his lost nose. Just as he is losing faith the police comes home and tell him that his nose has been found. He is happy. But then the doctor tells him the nose cannot be attached and he is better off without it. And just like that - one day - he finds the nose back on as if nothing had happened.

'The Carriage' is about a braggart who tells an army general about his wonderful horse carriage an proposes that the general buy it. But too much drink makes him oversleep and when the general comes along with his officers, the braggart is still asleep. There is no sign of the dinner he promised - he plain forgot to tell anyone about inviting the general home. When his wife wakes him up on the arrival of the general he hides himself in his precious carriage with instructions to tell the general that he left town on some urgent business. But the general wants to see the carriage and finds the man in it in his night clothes - and the carriage to be way below what it is proclaimed to be.

Gogol lived a short life (1809-1852) and created many such satirical masterpieces.


Rajendra said...

sounds really interesting..Gogol was the name of the character in The Namesake, I think. Named after this writer.

Harimohan said...

Yes Raja. V interesting stories too.