Sunday, September 20, 2015

Paradoxes of our Lives - Work Must be Done With Urgency, Results Must be Awaited Patiently

This is one paradox I learned late - but it does have its uses.

Work must always be done with an urgency. This does not mean hurried and shoddy jobs but an indication that work should have some kind of an immediacy, some urgency to complete and even monetise. Now, is the only truth as far as work is concerned.

In the same breath results must be awaited patiently. Just because the work is done, does not mean all results show up instantly. A gap there could lead to frustration. It's imperative then to keep the fine balance - work with great immediacy and then patiently reap the results. Work here does indicate pushing with great urgency for results too, but being patient in its yielding.

It's quite a recipe for contented and satisfied living.


Girija said...

Patience is a virtue.
Saying in Tamil"person who has patience will rule the earth. "

Patience to wait with positive attitude for every aspect in life is a key life skills to be taught as school curicullam that gets translated as key for a joyful life survival in adulthood.

Harimohan said...

I agree Girija. Thanks afor sharing.

Sumana said...

It is a virtue that needs a life time of practice

Harimohan said...

Ah, Sumana. It will keep us occupied if nothing else. :)
Thanks for writing.