Sunday, September 20, 2015

Il Duro - D.H. Lawrence

This was my first experience with D. H. Lawrence after 'Lady Chatterly's Lover' perhaps, which I might have read a couple of decades ago (and probably made no sense of it then). But the good news is that I still don't understand D. H. Lawrence. This slim Penguin classic was totally wasted on me as I turned page after page wondering what this was all about.

The academic facts first. Four short stories - The Spinner and the Monk, Il Duro, John and the Florence Museum. The first three are about Italians and I wondered what that was all about and the last was about some Etruscans. It's mentioned that the first three are from Twilight in Italy and the last from Etruscan Places. I have no clue what they were about. Maybe sometime later, if I am in the right frame of mind and of the required wisdom and maturity, I might understand DH.

Until then DH joins the list of people I don't understand at all.

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