Monday, July 13, 2015

Two Jakes - Movie Review

It's a sequel to Chinatown so I made no connections whatsoever. However the detective played by Jack Nicholson seemed a bit of a character so it came as no surprise that they made a sequel and shelved the third one because this (Two Jakes) did not do very well. No surprises because they probably needed to give out small story books explaining the story after the movie is done.

The story is as complicated as it can get. Jake (Nicholson) is hired by another Jake, a rich businessman, to spy on his wife. Jake (the detective) finds evidence and lets Jake the b catch his wife red handed. The entire conversation is taped. Only Jake the b shoots the offending lover - who turns out to be his business partner Bodine. He does not shoot the wife though. In the conversations Jake the d finds evidence of some links to his old lover, now dead, and her daughter. He also finds a rich oil tycoon digging for oil. He also thinks Jake murdered the partner to get complete rights over the land under which they believe is oil. One thing leads to another and in the end we find everyone is kind of nice and happy and there's oil that the philandering wife of Jake the b is likely to inherit.  Meanwhile Jake the d has had an affair with the dead man's wife (for no reason really) and finds that the adulteress is actually his ex-lover's daughter.

You know what. Give this one a miss by a wide range. Since this one is missable, I'd like to think Chinatown is missable too. Not even Jack Nicholson can save this because he directed himself. Why did I get into this I don't know.

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