Monday, July 13, 2015

Old People

Yesterday Koni and I were driving and saw an old man pulling a rickshaw. The man could hardly drag the empty rickshaw over the slightest bump. But he has to work I guess, to keep his life going and that of his families. Sad.

Then we saw another old man who was carrying boxes of fruit and he could not hold them and it fell and he fell too in the middle of the road. He slowly picked himself up and his boxes and was trying to go wherever he was going.

Then we saw an old driver, really old, in an old Qualis. The guy was totally fagged out and slumped over the wheel. He would not be less than 75 or 80 years and very very tired.

Lastly we saw the watchman near Ranjan's house. He seemed to have had a stroke and walked and spoke funny. Again not a day less then 75 and he was still working for his salary surely.

All this in a distance of 3 kms. Why are these old people who can barely stand working? Surely they have homes, demands at home, hungry mouths, dead dreams, dying hopes, no respite. The only thing that drives them to work is that little extra they make which they hope will pay off some loan, some bill, and hope that somehow life will turn for the better.

And on the other hand we see the fat, overweight middle and rich class people, having more than they can consume. Somewhere this inequality must be bridged. This nonsense corrected.

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